Thursday, October 23, 2003

It takes a nation of morons to hold us back
Here's how it works: pay-per-vote machine politics is displaced by demagogic progressivism that's only a half-lie. Prosperity, living conditions, education for the masses gradually improve to the point that the latter indulge in ideology, and vote accordingly. Education, of course, is not improved enough that said masses might understand "their" ideology, or, indeed, where Canada is, or how to form a possessive, or the difference between Islamic fundamentalism and Arab nationalism. The beneficiaries of this new level of stupidity, namely the elected officials, are too busy jerking off to their dead fetus pictures to do anything about the speculators dismantling the res publica for their own profit. As one of these speculators aptly put it "Is our current situation such that the harder we work, the behinder we get?" Simultaneously alienating our friends and inciting our enemies, we ensure that the latter will soon unleash on us our very own weapons of mass destruction we so vigilantly try to prevent them from acquiring. Our society's last colletive thought will be shock that Sutherland, Clooney, and Schwarzenegger were somehow unable to stop a nuclear bomb singlehandedly.

In case you wanted to know how we got trapped in this swirling shit-spiral of democratic-imperial collapse.


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