Thursday, October 30, 2003

we have a problem
Too much chicken shit. it's an environmental hazard. Solution: feed it to beef cattle:
Rapid expansion within the poultry industry has resulted in critical environmental concerns in certain areas of North America, due to excesses of nitrogen and other substances entering groundwater, as a result of excess production and application of poultry manure. An obvious possible solution is to develop an acceptable alternative use for excess poultry litter and a commercial proposition is to develop a market for poultry litter products outside the environmentally sensitive area. Although concerns have been raised with regard to the safety of feeding poultry litter to cattle and to humans consuming the meat produced, when poultry litter is derived from commercial caged layer flocks, not receiving medicants, and drug and chemical residues, it normally does not constitute a hazard, particularly when a 15-day withdrawal period is provided.... All remaining steaks (1180) were distributed at random to households to determine consumer acceptance. Treated samples were essentially indistinguishable from control samples in both palatability and consumer acceptance, indicating poultry litter supplements can be utilized in feedlot rations for cattle without compromising either palatability or consumer acceptance.
Jeremiah and Gibson, "The effect of dietary poultry litter supplementation on beef chemical, cooking, and palatability properties and consumer acceptance," Food Research International 36/9-10 (2003), 943-948.


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