Thursday, October 16, 2003

yesterday's papers
(the food sections were really good):
"Spleen," he said, "I think came to me later in life." [Hesser on Henderson].

No sun-dried tomatoes sully the interior of a true hero, no pesto, no Brie, no fancy pants ingredients at all. [Ed Levine fails to be magisterial, but succeeds in making you very hungry]

"They don't want to die," Lauro says. "No, they don't want to die." But he's a hunter and there's not a trace of sympathy in his voice. [In the other Times, Russ Parsons goes sardine fishing out of San Pedro.

"But apart from the recent recall campaign, Zagat is the best example I've ever seen of democracy run amok." [David Shaw reams Zagat (as people are wont to do)]

America's lesser papers have more to say, but how can I be bothered when I have to prepare for Clemens vs. Pedro tonight at Yankee Stadium? You probably don't care about that, in which case the invaluable saut´┐Ż wednesday will direct you to as much newspaper action as you can handle, including Jeremiah Trotter's belated, semicoherent, and hysterical take on cheeseburger fries:

After a generation of school kids grows up on these, perhaps we will not be able to tell the difference between the heifers and the children, and the feedlots and the schools.
[The question is, is it more miraculous that Trotter is still around, or the SF Examiner?]


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