Friday, November 14, 2003

Gary McKee of FSIS gave a pretty astonishing speech to the nation's meat inspectors last month:
If a plant is getting positives then it is a symptom that something is wrong with their process. Their system is broken and it needs to be repaired. If they are failing then we, as the regulatory authority, need to be ready to take decisive action.
Astonishing not only because someone needed to spell out the obvious in this way, but that someone from FSIS actually went ahead and did it. Of course, McKee's faith in both the efficacy of HACCP and the authority of FSIS is sadly misplaced.

[via USA Today via ABE]

Update: In case that wasn't clear, here is the fifth circuit opinion in Supreme Beef Processors v. USDA, which ruled that the USDA does not have the right to withhold inspection (they have never had the right to "shut down" a plant, or demand a recall, or really, do anything but refuse to inspect -- which right they no longer have since this ruling, 12/17/01).


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