Friday, November 07, 2003

Speaking of corn, ETC, formerly known as RAFI has just released a study on Mexican corn with some startling results:
Of the 306 samples in total in this case -- from all the communities and points of sampling -- 32 samples (10.45%) tested positive. 1% of the samples registered the protein Bt-Cry 1Ab/1Ac; 1% of the samples registered the protein Bt-Cry 9C; 3.6% were positive for resistance to herbicides CP4 EPSPS. 4.9% of the samples were positive concomitantly for two or three different transgenes: 3.9% of the samples for three types -- two different types of Bt (Bt-Cry9C, Bt Cry 1Ab/1Ac) and the herbicide resistant CP4 EPSPS; while 0.65% of the samples registered the presence of two transgenic characteristics: CP4 EPSPS and Bt-Cry 1Ab/1Ac. The remaining 0.33% was positive for CP4 EPSPS and Bt-Cry 9C.
I can't assess the accuracy of their methodology (they checked the proteins, not the actual genes), but this is serious. Let's hope they publish it.

11/10: CIMMYT responds, but not to the substance of the report.


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