Wednesday, December 03, 2003

In the news: Justin Gillis on the front page of Sunday's Post.

More foie gras stupidity in Sonoma [LA Times]

One subscription too far: cloned food in the Chicago Trib.

Monsanto v. Schmeiser in Wired news.

Three years after a genetically engineered corn banned from human consumption turned up in taco shells and was pulled from the market, contaminated grain is still showing up in the nation's corn supply.

A federal testing program found traces of the banished grain, called StarLink, in more than 1 percent of samples submitted by growers and grain handlers in the past 12 months, government records show.

To some extent, Slow Food picks up where the organic food revolt left off. 'It's adding fire to a revolution,' says Patrick Martins, Slow Food USA executive director.

Once dismissed as a fringe market, organic foods now are a staple in most grocery stores. Annual U.S. sales rocketed to $11 billion this year from $1 billion in 1990, says the Organic Trade Association.

Slow Food might take off the same way, retail experts say."

[USA Today]


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