Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I am going to eat so much food this year [Chron]
It's preliminary, because the funding isn't entirely in place, but it appears that Oliveto chef-partner Paul Bertolli will open an artisan Italian- style meat production facility in association with his Oliveto partner Bob Klein. They will make a line of dry-cured sausages and other products like pates and mortadella. Bertolli will remain as chef of the restaurant.
Also in the Chron, Carol Ness encourages you to figure out the Chinese brassicas, but she needs more pictures to really help.

Dont miss the caja china in the Times (also in the lastest Saveur 100), or Charles Perry's history of LA theme restaurants in the LA Times.

Finally, Bruce Cole has a guilty conscience (and I bet a lot of angry left-coast-elitist-pig email).


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