Tuesday, January 27, 2004

unclear on the concept
There is an article by someone named John Miller in National Review about the shocking myths of the "organic movement." Luckily, I can't read it without a subscription, but it is summarized by the wackos at CCF. It is astounding to me how these people, whose lives consist of the automatic defense of anything corporate (if you don't believe me, read the site: I'm not exaggerating) just love to attack organic food producers because they're... big corporations.

Which doesn't change the fact that you're not really changing the world by buying General Mills organic Count Chocula for your kids, or serving it with Horizon milk for that matter. Let's all be clear on the idea that fresh, local food is what you want, and for reasons of quality, not the salvation of humanity. "Organic," now that the USDA's got their hands all over it, is more or less irrelevant.

[this whole discussion is so last year anyway: see Pollan and Kummer; update: in fact, so three years ago.]


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