Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Wed. Food
As far as the organic-industrial complex mentioned yesterday, Michael Pollan was on that years ago [via this site via Sauté Wednesday]. Note to stupid conservatives: if you stopped watching South Park for a second you'd realized that once it's in the Times, it's dead.

Meanwhile, in today's papers:
NY: In case you didn't believe me about the salumi of Paul Bertolli, Johnny Apple spent the week in Oakland, and not at Krug; Nancy Harmon Jenkins is still writing about Fore Street -- but you know you want the kraut; and Hesser counts the bacteria in your kitchen:

"The basic reality is that the risks that scare people and the risks that kill people are very different," said Dr. Peter M. Sandman
LA: the Times continues its assault on good wine and good sense, tilting at the terroir windmill (sorry, Don Quijote is in the air; note by the way that the Thackrey Pleiades is actually a pretty good, if unnecessarily barndyardy, wine); mmm, pozole (the pozole verde recipe looks suspect); and Russ Parsons waxes uncharacteristically hackish on greens:
Last week I found mustard greens at my local upscale supermarket. What's next?
Russ, have you been to the Santa Monica farmer's market? It's 2004, dude.
SF: The arbequina has landed.


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