Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Congress is paying attention, shockingly [Post]
"If indeed it is true that the only . . . infected cow in the nation was walking around, then clearly it's not safe to assume that all infected cattle will be downers," Marin said. "That in turn has serious implications for the Agriculture Department's surveillance program and serious ramifications for the information that has been shared with the public."
And Cali is in the vanguard again, of couse [Bee]
Criticized for its handling of a recent mad cow beef recall, California has asked the federal government about reworking the agreement that keeps recall details secret.

Los Angeles County bypassed the pact when it investigated a Southern California jerky manufacturer that processed more than half a ton of possibly tainted beef, The Bee has learned....

Los Angeles public health officials learned that Glenoaks received the beef despite a state process that keeps distribution details from becoming public unless affected businesses agree....

The USDA refuses to give any specific meat recall information to the 39 states that haven't signed its memorandum of understanding.

And then there's the "science" [Missoulian]
"I would say that what we know is about 15 percent of what's going on," said Suzette Priola, who works as an investigator in the Laboratory of Persistent Viral Diseases at the NIH's Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton. She is chairwoman of the Food and Drug Administration's Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) Advisory Committee.
15% seems optimistic, after yesterday's PNAS paper -- pretty good to have already generated one nobel prize. Suzette was also on npr yesterday. [some links via tidepool].


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