Thursday, February 05, 2004

mo' mad
more mad cows [Post]
There is a "high probability" that more American cattle are infected with mad cow disease than the one found in Washington state late last year, an international panel of experts convened by the Agriculture Department said yesterday.
NCBA hoppin' mad
�Clearly, some members of the panel do not have a full understanding of the systems we have in place in the U.S,� says Dr. Gary Weber, NCBA executive director of regulatory affairs.... �It is imperative that the panel�s recommendations be evaluated in comparison to the Harvard model.�
Luckily, the onset of dementia saved them from shooting themselves in the other foot.

update: the USDA still has both feet, because you can't aim right with your head in the sand:

"I don't anticipate that we have a significant issue in this country," Veneman told reporters when asked if there could be more cases of the brain-wasting disease. She spoke after addressing a lunch for farm and agribusiness lobbyists.


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