Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Oregonian does the math:
In just 4 ounces, a typical burger patty is packed with the meat and fat of 50 to 100 cattle from multiple states and two to four countries.

Eat two hamburgers a week -- as the average American does -- and in a year's time the consumer samples a stampede: 5,200 to 10,400 cattle.

The Seattle Times tracks down the brains.

Meanwhile, Italians find a "new mad cow disease" [NYT | PNAS early edition]

Both the Italian cows, one 15 years old and one 11, appeared healthy. Their unusual strain was discovered only because Italy tests all cattle over 30 months old slaughtered for human food. By last August, it had tested 1.6 million and found 103 that tested positive for prions.


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