Monday, February 09, 2004

peaceful coexistence
So, if you're worried about eating GM food, you're fucked [nsu]:
A wide range of 'organic' food products on sale in the United Kingdom contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients, according to a study due to be published in April. The revelation has prompted organisations that certify food as organic and GM-free, such as the Soil Association, to hurriedly review their procedures.

Transgenic soya was found in ten of 25 organic or health food products tested by Mark Partridge and Denis Murphy, biotechnology researchers at the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd, Wales. Eight of the ten were labelled either as 'organic', which should indicate the absence of transgenic ingredients under Soil Association rules, or explicitly as 'GM-free'.

Now, there is no reason why you should find this particularly alarming (unless you are trying to make a living growing organic soy, in which case you're really fucked). Except for the fact that that the engineered DNA is transferred to your intestinal bacteria. Guess we're all GM now.

Meanwhile in ND:

Several members of a group studying farming policies related to biotech crops resigned from the panel after branding the process a failure.

The resignations Saturday were in protest of the group's proposed management practices for farmers, said Janet Jacobson, an organic farmer from Wales.

Unrelated: Monsanto shares up on analyst upgrade.


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