Thursday, April 15, 2004

the march of progress

Look I don't really give a shit about religion, but the fucking cross-burners are starting to piss me off. When you can't tell the difference between the Times and these people, well, you wonder how far we've come from 1928.

The irony is that the Times really was a liberal paper back then. At least we know where Rove learned his skills:

There is a tremendous body of citizens of this State [Alabama] who apparently have not absorbed any new political thought since the days of Wyclif. They believe implicitly everything they are told by their clergy. All the old lies, and some remarkably new ones, about the iniquities of the Catholics are glibly uttered and readily believed.... Quite the most remarkable charge hurled at Smith yet is that he blocked a law to prevent the "unspeakable crime" in New York City. This phrase means but one thing to the ignorant Southerner, and that is the rape of a white woman by a negro.
Such pre-Santorum innocence!

Source: Letter to the Times by Birmingham resident Richard Gilliam, Jr., 8/30/28.


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