Monday, April 05, 2004

start off your week with bad things

Federal officials say thousands of veal calves -- up to 90 percent of the food supply population -- are being illegally fed synthetic testosterone to make them grow faster....

Veal industry insiders said that calves have been fed growth hormones for decades. Officials with the Food and Drug Administration counter that the practice has never been legal and its safety has not been tested, USA Today reported.

The hormone in question is trenbolone acetate, used legally to increase growth in adult cattle but not approved for use in calves.

Nanotechnology is among the hottest fields in science. But controversy is on the rise as critics are calling for bans on research until nanomaterials can be shown to be safe. A study reported here 28 March at the American Chemical Society meeting is likely to fan those flames. Toxicologists reported that buckyballs, a spherical form of carbon, can cause brain damage in fish--the first indication that nanomaterials could pose a threat to aquatic life.

Just in case the quagmire isn't depressing enough.

On the other hand, it is opening day, usually excuse enough for a good mood. If you too are having trouble this year, go gawk at TBogg who has the legitimate excuse of having had to watch the Padres for years. I just hope that's not his daughter in the Yankees uniform.


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