Wednesday, April 14, 2004

wed. food

NY: Hesser channels Tina Brown:
...cherries impaled on a stick, and the cocktail itself, sweet and oaky and stiffened with a dash of bitters, eased across my palate. We were in capable hands, and if the size of the drink was any indication...
Johnny Apple takes it easy on the expense account in chicago; Neil MacFarquhar practices creative translation in a story on the "dessert truffle":
"Half of Syria came with them!" Ms. al-Radi said. "They look lovely and brown, and you think you have the real McCoy...
The Chron is a wash this week, but you may want to add the Woodside HS cheese club to your repertoire of California jokes.

The LA Times is preoccupied with the glories of Santa Barbara this week, including Russ Parsons on uni (Patience Gray cameo!) and Corie Brown on the local garagistes (an excellent reminder not to waste your money on California wine). Finally, David Shaw has some words of wisdom for you (also inspired by Tina Brown?):

Life is too short to spend it fretting over everything we put in our mouths.

Creekstone lays the smackdown on USDA

This letter is also giving notice to the USDA that our loss in revenue is a minimum of $200,000 per day. We will continue to track this loss on a daily basis to determine damages.


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