Friday, May 07, 2004


Horticultural biotech in California

Yet another numbingly boring pro-biotech "editorial" from the usual suspects. Here's a hint, douchebags: when your argument fails, try something new. Repeating the same bullshit with increasing stridency is not going to convince anyone. At least try to make the same bullshit sound more reasonable, as in this attack on organic food from the Guardian.

FAO consultation on environmental effects of GM crops, and working paper [pdf] on biotech and biodiversity.

SD biopharm company hits the skids, and sells out to someone with an intelligent idea

Biolex, like Epicyte, is focused on so-called bio-pharming, the manufacture of monoclonal antibodies and other biological therapeutics in plants. But Biolex uses a genetically altered aquatic plant grown indoors in a secure facility, avoiding some of the concerns about outdoor cross-contamination with traditional field crops that have haunted the industry.
Also, Tivo is becoming annoying thanks to the networks. Not that I would ever watch Friends. But don't even get me started about sports.

Alan Guebert gets the Final Word

If you base your policies on bad science, corporate greed, hubris and -- OK, let's take the gloves off -- lies, then it's nobody's fault but your own when the policy crashes and burns.

And USDA's mad cow policy crashed and burned -- again -- this week.


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