Wednesday, May 26, 2004

that was quick

according to a press release:
In a closing statement at a press conference today, Secretary Veneman announced she had directed AMS to rescind its recent statement of clarification and to work with NOSB and the organic industry to reach the best solutions to issues that have been raised in implementing national organic standards. Claiming the agency 'had acted in good faith,'...
5/27: Here's Marian Burros's article.

For what it's worth, this little episode proves once again that the USDA doesn't know what it's doing. Whatever your position on organic food, it is obvious that diluting its standards dilutes the brand. Thus losing money. The job of the AMS is to help people make money. This is why the checkoffs are a waste of money, in addition to being unconstitutional. Also see this open letter to Veneman from NOSB vice chair Jim Riddle.


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