Monday, June 21, 2004

Boswell's Johnson

Via the hag, A day in the life of the OED. I have to admit, it sounds like a pretty fun job. If you're feeling enterprising, you can help them track down the source of some of Dr. Johnson's mysterious entries, which formed the backbone of the first ed.

In other highbrow hijinx, blogs are being put to increasingly literary use, perhaps inspired by pepys: to wit [via cup of chicha] you can now read a page a day of Ulysses (but see the warning below). You can, in fact, skip ahead, which allowed me to identify page 14 as the one where I stopped many years ago, unwilling to take a Mulligan.

More ambitiously, "Nick" is publishing an epigram a day of Martial, and translating it for us. I like today's:

cogit me Titus actitare causas
et dicit mihi saepe 'magna res est.'
res magna est, Tite, quam facit colonus.


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