Tuesday, June 01, 2004

E. H. Zandstra et al., "Scoring or boring? Predicting boredom through repeated in-home consumption," Food Quality and Preference 15/6 (September 2004), 549-557
There was no correlation (r=0.07) between the predictions of change in interest and the change in desire and liking that consumers actually experienced. In other words, consumers thought they would not get bored with the instant soups, but in fact they did become bored �� albeit slightly �� with two of the three soups when actually eating.
In GM news, the June issue of ISB News Report is out, featuring: Cowgill and Atkinson, "Assessing the Impact of GM Plants: The Effect of Transgenic Protease Inhibitors on Non-Target Invertebrates"; Tawanda Zidenga, "Towards Switchable Crops: Beyond the Green Revolution"; and Phillip B. C. Jones, "Turf Wars and Other Conflicts in the U.S. Regulation of GM Plants," with more on GM creeping bentgrass.


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