Monday, June 07, 2004

Obviously, the Reagan/John Paul II dead pool was a sucker bet, but there is something suspicious about the timing of this. Between Reagan and the BIO conference, the internet is going to be clogged with so much horseshit that this week is as good a time as any to take a little time off. You see, I have some "work" to do. If you actually give a shit about the biotech industry, read the Chron or the Bee [the Merc-News is requiring registration these days, so I say skip it]. Good luck trying to find something else to do. My recommendation is to spend the entire week contemplating the artifact described in # 60 [scroll down]. Back soon with a special treat.

Update: Though you really must read Tom Knudson's excellent article on technology transfer and its discontents in today's Bee, first of a 5-part series on GM food [via MeFi, which I was reading for work...].


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