Friday, June 04, 2004

there's no i in fuck you

Dude, who killed the interweb? Book deals? Rising productivity? The sac? Whatever, there's always porn, and, more entertainingly, .mp3 blogs. This latest diversion will, contra RIAA, cause you to return to the dimly-recalled dens of consumption known as "record stores". Remember? You were 25? You liked "new music"?

Yes, I have recently spent actual cash on non-liquid consumer goods. The best thing I've discovered -- but remember, my taste in music is atrocious -- is a band called Walls of Jericho. Try to imagine lo-fi Pantera, with a pinch of early Dischord thrown in. And a chick singer. That's right, a woman who sings like the Pantera guy. It's mesmerizing.

What, you thought I was going to post an .mp3? Go get your own. Also, Marty alerts me to a song name almost as good as the one quoted above: please kill yourself so i can rock.


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