Thursday, July 29, 2004

apertifs are the new digestifs

Official confirmation of the LA-Times-says-it-is-so-it-must-be-a-trend, came last night, when the following exchange took place:
"Fernet is so trendy right now"
"Really? That's funny because..."
"Oh Yeah. It's very indy rock."
Remind me never to leave the house again. But in honor of this development, I unveil Fergus Henderson's Miracle. Although I have plugged both the book and the drink many times, I never published the recipe because I wanted you to go buy the book for yourself. However, this drink is so good it can only inspire you to buy the book. So please, buy the book:

A Miracle
Here is a cure for any overindulgence, taught to me by my wise father.
2 Parts Fernet Branca
1 part crème de menthe
Mix together and drink. Do not be put off by the color.
Be careful: this is so effective you can find yourself turning to its miraculous powers with increasing regularity. Do not let the cure become the cause.
The initial reaction to this drink, invariably, is laughter. Then, a slow-dawning smile. Finally, savoir-faire. Soon, you find yourself singing Mike and the Mechanics to yourself, every day. This may be one of the side effects to which Henderson refers. I would only add that a little less than 1 part crème de menthe suits me better.


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