Thursday, July 01, 2004

high and low

New Yorker music critic Alex Ross has a blog. I know nothing about classical music, but Ross is an excellent writer and critic, well worth reading. Note his unpublished review of fictional Manx composer Lionel Wainscotte Spew's The Gazebo of Ecstasy, Op. 132. The jokes are most likely over my head, but that doesn't mean they aren't funny. [Via the hag].

Speaking of music: PJ Harvery's new record has the best genius/not-actually-a-song ratio since rid of me. In particular, "The Letter" is a masterpiece of dirty metaphor.

And if you haven't seen Hatebeak yet for some reason, what are you waiting for? Boingboing has an .mp3. [via chicha].

Finally, totally-unrelated-to-the-New Yorker semi-celebrity Paige Davis has a website too, but it doesn't mention her recent charity work.


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