Thursday, July 01, 2004

so another goddamn New Yorker came yesterday...

Wait, don't leave! I was only kidding: no incomprehensible ravings this week. It turns out the trick is to not read the annoying shit. (Although I did sneak enough of a glance at Caitlin's chronicle of the miseries of privilege to see that it closed with a reference to The Sun Also Rises. Coincidence? I think not.

I mention it only to bring your attention to Katherine Boo's fucking brilliant article on outsourcing in Chennai. It's not online, but she summarizes it in this audio clip, and you can read her excellent March article on Cameron County Texas here.

As long as we're being serious, please read former NEJM editor Marcia Angell's takedown of the pharmaceutical industry in NYRB:

And the magic words, repeated over and over like an incantation, are research, innovation, and American.


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