Friday, July 30, 2004

There will always be an England

A correspondent tells popbitch:

Further to the Brazilian proverb you quoted last week, 'Boozed arses have no owners,' I recall there being a similar saying when I was in the Royal Navy. 'A seasick arse carries no steaming lights.' Which roughly translates as, 'If you're seasick and get shunted from behind in the dark, it's your own fault.'
We also learn that Donatella Versace
was once refused entry to Splash disco, NYC, as the doormen refused to believe she wasn't a Donatella drag-queen impersonator.
Wait, she isn't a drag queen?

There will always be a Germany, also: they point us to the new Rammstein video, featuring the chorus:

Denn, du bist
was du ißt
... es ist mein Teil.


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