Monday, August 09, 2004


Rake's Progress has plumbed the depths of the epicurious forums to find amusingly inane reactions to the David Foster Wallace lobster article [background]:

Cancel my subscription starting now. I don't care how many issues are left I don't want this magazine in my house again. Your article on 'Consider the Lobster' was written by a pompous,arrogant two- named twit. This is a FOOD magazine not a platform for social commentary and political correctness. We have numerous other cooking magazines that yield supurb reciepes and provide everything we need. Your lectures are not needed.
I guess I have to buy it now. Cf. Alex Beam in the Globe.

This address on peaches and memory that Mas Masumoto gave to a group of organic farmers is a good corrective to the mental incapacity displayed on epicurious, even if, as he admits, it can be a little overwrought. New Farm also has an interesting article on "social sustainability" in organic agriculture -- I can only imagine the paroxysms of rage "Canelled Subscrtption" and her ilk will suffer when confronted with the specter of a living wage for agricultural laborers. It is amazing to watch people's brains literally seize up when confronted with an unpleasant idea.


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