Wednesday, August 11, 2004

towel thrown

Sorry everyone, I kind of shot my wad on the wheat genome this morning: still, I would like to point out: the death of Roxanne's and impending doom in Bordeaux.

I also wanted to point out this news item [Honolulu Advertiser]:

After weighing the arguments, U.S. District Judge David Ezra ordered the U.S. Department of Agriculture to identify where four companies have received permits for open-field testing of pharmaceutical crops in Hawai'i and to reveal the locations to the environmental watchdog group Earthjustice and the Center for Food Safety, a nonprofit that challenges food production technologies.
Plus, more Chapela tenure-battle details from Nature:
As the senate continues its inquiry, Chapela is hoping for a second tenure review. He has also filed two claims that may precede a lawsuit. In April, he accused the university of discrimination, saying that he was denied tenure because he is Hispanic. Early last month, he claimed he was victimized by the university for speaking out against the Syngenta deal.


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