Thursday, September 16, 2004

the scarlet letter

You can imagine my excitement when Colman Andrews, in the new Saveur, dared to write about the "A" word. Unfortunately, he said nothing stupid for me to brilliantly eviscerate. All I can say, lamely, is that it's hardly a rigorous or comprehensive analysis, but it's worth reading.

I have been so busy that I haven't even fished said Saveur, much less read anything else. I was even compelled to miss Fatted Calf's meat party, dammit.

A few quick links: new FSIS advisory on humane slaughtering requirements; multiple centers of Phaseolus vulgaris origin confirmed by analysis of nitrogen-fixing symbionts (not that there was much doubt, thanks to Paul Gepts); glyphosate resistance comes with a heavy fitness cost, at least for morning glories; confusion in Japanese regulation of GM crops; Monsanto announces new GM soybeans with a benefit for consumers: less tranfat (note that this is a disingenuous crock of shit; they are genetically modified only for Roundup resistance; the low-transfat trait was created with traditional plant breeding techniques).

And finally, sweet and umami taste receptors are linked [PNAS open access].


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