Friday, September 24, 2004

there will always be an England... or will there?

I'm studying at Warwick University in the UK, and I had just finished my Computer Science finals (I'm going on to do a PhD in Edinburgh next year). I went out and got drunk, had a nice lie in and bought a couple of new games in town, but I just didn't feel totally liberated.

So I decided to build an enormous f*****g sandwich. Inside this affront to God would be an enchilada, some garlic mushrooms, burgers, sausages, assloads of cheese and some good old HP sauce. I put in a bit of salad as well to even out the bad stuff.

He didn't even break 10,000 calories. What a pussy.

[Via MeFi, along with el bocadillo del diablo and girls eating sandwiches].


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