Monday, December 06, 2004

please don't be waiting for me

Back from what will probably be the final holiday in the sun ever, I am a convert to the miracle of prophylactic Pepto, now in convenient caplet form. Here's the question: do all foreign countries share an unnatural love of Nescafe, or does the "third world" have a special fervor? Discuss. Also, the term "third world" appears to have fallen into disfavor. Is this because the world has resegregated into the rich assholes, the truly fucked (Africa), and everyone in between? You can mutter something about per-capita GDP if you want, but I'd much rather live pretty much anywhere in the Western Hemisphere than, say, Russia. Or the Ukraine, for that matter. (Excluding Paraguay and Bolivia; sorry guys, I need a coastline somewhere. Oh, and Peru: fuck Peru). Getting back to the point, Nescafe is actually pretty fucking good these days, although the irony of drinking it where the real thing grows is occasionally painful (thanks to the Pepto, not too painful). While I was out, the internets sent word of the power of duck, and some real thanksgiving food. Science identified barrenstalk1 in maize. I'm sure some other shit happened, but I'll never know.

The worst thing is getting back and realizing that 4 more years hasn't even started yet.


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