Monday, January 24, 2005


This was originally attached to the following [i.e., above] two posts, but it was ludicrously long, so I divided by three, at the expense of my beautiful segues, which you'll have to recreate in your mind.

Shocking news:

A new study conducted by medical researchers in Switzerland indicates that the list of specified risk materials (SRMs) that makes up the firewall against human infection from bovine spongiform encephalopathy may be far from complete.

The study, released by the Institute of Neuropathology at Zurich's University Hospital, found that, at least in mice, prions — malformed proteins that cause the disease — are found in organs until now thought to be safe from infection.

How totally unpredictable [Science express abstract,, news@nature].

The Dan Barber quote I mentioned the other day came from a full belly [which has now reattributed the quote to Paula Wolfert, who, at least, knows whereof she speaks].

NPR did a story on foie gras in Gascony last week. He said/she said, as usual. It will be interesting to see what the AVMA comes up with, not that it is likely to be definitive. More on foie gras tk.

For some reason, the girls eating sandwiches thing has its own flickr page [via kottke]. Further visual stimulation: crack sandwich and ham art.

Monsanto to buy Seminis for $1B+.

I forsee problems with wiki recipes, but it's an interesting idea.

Some eye-openers from the Posts's fish farm story:

With $11 billion in imports in 2003, fish is second only to oil among imported natural resources.

But salmon waste off the British Columbia coast still releases as much excess nitrogen as sewage from a city of 250,000, according to some estimates.

Goddamn, dong resin is on fire:

Document, there's a laugh. We'll see how your newfangled laptop document looks in 3,000 years. We'll just see who can read what. "But I wrote this on the train ride over here!" you whine "what convenience!" Right. "Convenience." You know, if hits like the Code of Hammurabi had been written on one of these things it would have gotten a worm or something 5 years in and we'd all be having sex with the stab wounds in our enemies childrens' pets without any real fear of evenly-weighted retribution. You might like to think of that as a society, but not me sir. Good day!

Paul Ford's pretty hot too, while we're at it.

One can only hope that this is the beginning of the end for Thomas Krens.


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