Friday, March 04, 2005

Oh no she didn't!

Controversy erupts on the intersphere when the unwashed are subjected to Steingarten's criticism of their pop idols. The horror!

OK, it does sound like JS forgot to take his meds; and personally, I'll take eye candy over Emeril every day. And, despite the excruciating pandering of both Brown and Batali (Steingarten's co-stars on ICA), they are really the least of Food Network's problems (as far as I can remember -- I haven't been able to watch for years). I wonder what got his panties in such a bunch.

Note to unwashed: Steingarten has a speech impediment, so mocking his speaking ability isn't really going to advance your cause.

[via tfs].

Also amusing: the bruni digest, devoted exclusively to you know who (I'm not going to link to that song, which was less amusing) [via RS]; the Institute of Food Science & Technology's official statement on "organic food", a hot new trend they apparently just learned about; team party crash follows Guiliano to the 92nd St. Y.; watch the pork board fritter/fiddle away (clumsy Neronian humor) the last of their shakedown money in anticipation of the inevitable Supreme Court smackdown.

Seriously: the Hidden Kitchens segment on the club from nowhere makes up at least partially for past disappointments [and don't miss the bonus John T. Edge essay].


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