Monday, March 28, 2005

slow news day


At least until the quake in sumatra. Can't wait to see what DeLay has to say about this one. Still, isn't there some kind of statue of limitations to prevent people from looking for foghat on the internets?

You can now find a picture of the offending digit on the internets, but I'm not going to link to it for your own good. Regina, who is hinting at permalinks, has christened this the Rocky Horror Chili Show.

A.A. Gill on organic food:

So what does organic actually mean? Buggered if I know. It usually means more expensive. Whatever the original good intentions of the organic movement, their good name has been hijacked by supermarkets, bijoux delicatessens and agri-processors as a value-added designer label. Organic comes with its own basket of aspiration, snobbery, vanity and fear that retailers on tight margins can exploit. And what I mind most about it is that it has reinvigorated the old class distinction in food.

He is confused about details, but he makes some good points. Bonus: he appears finally to have realized the problem with his "style" of criticism:

Mark this well. Because, to my mind, Eat and Two Veg is the worst restaurant in London [yawn].... It devoutly made me wish I had never used the word inedible before....

Unfortunately, the garbled version at AgBioView trails off here [bugmenot wasn't working at the Times], but you can see where he's going.

Speaking of class: French bloggers don't get fat...

The Times finally sees fit to report on the Mexican Biosecurity law.

And Slate is sticking to its semiannual mediocre food article policy.

God, how I wish the Times had published this last week, to provide a perfect link for "bonnet" in last Wednesday's post.


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