Friday, April 29, 2005

surgery -- with no anaesthesia!

I've been dealing with some cognitive dissonance after reading about two different friends in the Times on Wed., and working closely with AK-47 on some serious Slayer exegesis.

Or perhaps my brain exploded at a nice little restaurant the other night when my sole meunière arrived with grill marks on it. No, no, no. Look it up. What is the world coming to?

Whatever the reason, I was clearly addled when I attributed "everything that's stupid about American wine" to the small penis/steep vineyard syndrome. [If any of you have suffered through Sideways, I imagine you can supply more stupidities, although they all probably go back to the penis thing]. Thankfully Stephanie at the KQED food blood unearths further stupidity for us, like "chick-lit" wine. And now we get into the worst development of all: $15 rosé. Blame the euro if you want, or certain importers, or the incessant media coverage in recent years, but this is officially out of control. It won't be long till I'm drinking Alizé with the other sluts.

In other slut news, the FDA's pathetic ruminant feed ban (along with USDA lies), has so far cost the beef industry at least $3.2 billion dollars. Hope it was worth it, boys. What was that about your Harvard study?

Why stop at pharmaceuticals? Let's put human genes in rice! On the other hand, regular GM rice is good for you. Or at least good for farmers.


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