Friday, May 13, 2005

Real Bruni


Leonardo Bruni, historian, papal secretary, and Chancellor of the Florentine Republic, was smarter than your average Renaissance man. He had an admirably rigorous mind, and elegant Latin, and his History of the Florentine People remains more readable than most of the drivel you'll find at Barnes and Noble today, thanks to the excellent translation by James Hankins. His tomb is in Santa Croce, but he was born in Arezzo (then, of course, under the Florentine yoke).

Arezzo began as the Etruscan city Arretium, meaning unknown. So there is no connection between Leonardo Bruni Aretino and Cicer arietinum -- chick peas, so called for their ramlike seeds. But by further coincidence, ceci are an Arentine specialty.

Anyway, I cooked some the other day for nearly 24 hours, with nothing but onion and salt pork, and they are really good. Especially with boudin noir.


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