Friday, July 22, 2005

too much information

Remember the good old days when there internet was totally useless? It's still useless, of course, but now it's full of useless information (as opposed to uselessly devoid of content). I hereby renounce any attempt to keep track of it.

Merely by way of introduction to the following random linkdump:

Cool baseball stories: Doc Ellis's no-hitter on acid; SJ's Japanese-American league.

Annals of journalism: CNN's supreme sabor.

Yay, a blog about NYC restaurants.

Rodale and OFRF unveil Organic Certifier database, which will be very useful for farmers (and, perhaps, unhealthily obsessive consumers).

Super-slow salmon chez Derrick, and at Slate. Not (as far as I can recall) a frequent Sara Dickerman fan, but this proves she at least knows how to use google -- she cites Bruce Cole's sous vide post, and an interesting 4-question interview with sous vide "inventor" Georges Pralus:

Sous vide, à basse température, les plats peuvent nous restituer les saveurs de la cuisine mijotée de nos grands-mères, mais avec du matériel moderne et sans oxydation par l'air. Un boeuf bourguignon cuisait de longues heures sans bouillir, sur les fourneaux à charbon. Aujourd'hui, avec le gaz, la cuisson est trop violente.

Am I the only one skeptical of the similarities between a slow braise in the wood oven and a tepid bath in plastic? [cf. further doubts from last year].

See above for today's stupidest item.

Oh, for fuck's sake: more finger food. Awesome lede.


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