Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Burro per la faccia

Gabrielle Hamilton's sweet ode to her suocera leccesa is well illustrated by Josh's picture of Borlotti nostrani from the opposite corner of Italy. Sadly, many americans addled by too much time under the Tuscan sun continue to translate nostrane as "their" instead of "our" [cf. yesterday's French beef discussion]. Now, you are certainly not going to fish venetian scampi out of the lake, or grow leccese eggplants in your back yard (at least, I can't), but there is something awesome in your neighborhood, I don't care where you live. Nostrana verdura is better because it is fresh, and educated consumers who care about quality must be persuaded to buy it. In short, you are responsible for the proverbial and increasingly imaginary shittiness of American food.

So stop whining, learn something about your food, and Eat Local.

update:Damn it, I meant include a cautionary link to the fabulously vulgar Getty CEO who demanded that his assistant track down Tropicana blood orange juice in the US.


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