Thursday, August 11, 2005

good things, day 4

As noted elsewhere, one doubts that Americans will ever give a shit about farm subsidies. But if anyone can persuade them, it might be George Pyle. Pyle's publisher was kind enough to send me his new book, Raising Less Corn, More Hell, a compelling polemic against industrial agriculture. The latter is, of course, disastrous for farmers, consumers, laborers, animals both domestic and wild, and the environment. Pyle's book is a fiery and accessible assembly of all these arguments. This readability comes at the cost of extensive documentation, which I will probably be alone in lamenting, and the editing is not exemplary. But this is a great read for anyone who needs a short and sweet explanation of what is wrong with American agriculture.

[Relatedly, the food pyramid/farm subsidy dissonance meme finds its way to msnbc today].


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