Thursday, August 18, 2005


New Yorkers like to complain about everything, but "Jew couple" should just be grateful their electric bills aren't addressed to Jeffery Scrotum Bag Barnes.

While European naturalists find electric eels extremely interesting, the Indians hate and fear them. However, their flesh is not bad, although most of the body consists of the electric apparatus, which is slimy and disagreeable to eat.

Humboldt eats electric eels. Cf. Darwin's fungus.

Too fond of the fond: the best take of all on the sous vide epidemic.

Better eat some cod while you still can.

Breeders: The USDA is actually helping to revive Carolina Gold rice; the muse forwards an excellent article on attempts to save the banana.

More on Alaskan vegetables.

"Culls to Newcastle" indeed: part one of Michael Pollan's corn talk from Asilomar.


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