Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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Eskimo Ice Cream:

Grate reindeer tallow into small pieces. Add seal oil slowly while beating with hand. After some seal oil has been used, add a little water while whipping. Continue adding seal oil and water until white and fluffy. Any berries may be added to it.

Eskimo Cook Book, Prepared by Students of Shishmaref Day School (Anchorage, 1951) [via MeFi]. This is a real recipe, though one should perhaps add that it assumes below-freezing temperatures. Thanks to the internets you can even see a picture of said school. Shishmaref is one of the Alaskan towns that will have to be relocated because of global warming, as Elizabeth Kolbert wrote in the New Yorker a few months ago.

Elsewhere: Quist/Chapela and ETC group respond to PNAS article on transgenes in Oaxaca; Paula Wolfert famously didn't want to be a Tyson chicken, but you don't want to be an employee either -- at least not if you're black; farming and biodiversity; disturbing websites with self-explanatory names: tacoweb.de and delicious dogs.com; amusing false consciousness discussion of the alleged superiority of European beef [via AFB] -- this is so wrong it's funny (Red Raider beef excluded); Regina's got some particularly, uh, juicy semi-blind items this week, along with this gem:

Did someone say sous vide, or did my pinkie just jerk up reflexively? My advanced age once again forces me to confess that I did a piece for American Airlines' magazine way, way back in the last century -- 1985? '86? -- on how "boil-in-bag cuisine" was the coming revolution. I did it despite the fact that I was fresh out of restaurant school where we were taught by the late great Jack Ubaldi that Cryovac destroyed meat because it couldn't age, only virtually ferment to flabbiness in its own blood. So I can only hope the letter-writer who flayed me is still around and ready to type that great American four-letter word: Hype. If not, may the ghost of Curnonsky haunt chefs who aren't quite clear on Escoffier. Cuisine is when things taste like themselves.


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