Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You love sports


I willed ESPN Classic into existence. At 2 AM, back in the dark days of cable, staring desperately at bass fishing or a logrolling contest or something, I thought: Why don't they show something interesting? Like the Bobby Thompson game or the Thrilla in Manila -- even Montreal '76. How disappointing when my dream came true and it turned out to be nearly as boring as logrolling. Sorry, even crazy people are not going to watch 30-year old baseball games, no matter how lovingly George Brett covers his bat with pine tar in them. At least not if they've stopped doing drugs.

But the other day, the God of Tivo smiled on me, unveiling Sonny Liston's Greatest Hits. Without trading in the mythmaking that usually accompanies the subject: if you have never seen Liston fight, you should watch this. I'm hardly a boxing expert, but I have never seen a left jab remotely as menacing as Liston's.

Also see: google cache of Liebling on Liston-Patterson II; Salon review of Nick Tosches' Liston book; Joyce Carol Oates on some of the moral ambiguities of boxing.

But what, one may well wonder, am I doing with the idiot box while the internet continues to expand faster than the speed of light? The last week, thanks to small farms and kiplog, has revealed the following blogs of note about food and farming:

Those of you interested in these links should also sign up for the AgBiz Examiner. Then there's slashfood, which sadly fails to live up to its name, but is funny merely by virtue of existing.

Furthermore, you will want to read: Pim on dry-farmed Early Girls; more organic scams in England; AgBiz, Brazilian-style [thx, muse]; Arabidopsis-derived antibiotic marker gene could eliminate some of the problems with GM plants [BBC, Nature news, Nature article]; new directions in gene pyramiding.


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