Monday, September 19, 2005

Old Habits die hard

Huh. Maybe you didn't notice: I turned on comments! You now have the ability to attach your meaningless opinions to mine!

Speaking of the exciting world of blogging, the thing that's really important is its code of ethics. Because if someone were to write something untrue on the internet, the center of the solar system might collapse. Not to mention Amazon sales of Joanne Weir's cookbook.

Thank god the mainstream media has its standards. Because unbiased restaurant reviews are crucial to the functioning of our democracy.

But I don't understand why none of these codes refer to ass-fucking, so fundamental to the well-oiled functioning of the internet.

So NPR had a short interview with John T. Edge on Sat., not a single word of which was devoted to the cooking of New Orleans or the gulf coast. This strikes me as monumentally stupid. On the other hand: pimiento cheese burgers. [Bonus: note the numerous typos produced by NPR's rigorous professional media operation].

This year's Slow Food membership fee is going to to be repurposed -- the weird cult of Carlo is really getting to me, and the money will be better spent on higher home insurance coverages. But here is a nobler recipient: the Slow Food Carmel convivium is throwing a benefit dinner for a family of Bayou shrimpers who lost everything in the hurricane.

Finally: observe our immigration policy in action in the fields of California.


Anonymous Brian Kienapple said...

Did I miss something about Slow Food membership fees being "repurposed"? What are you referring to?

Wed Sep 21, 11:13:00 AM GMT  
Blogger mmw said...

Oh fuck, now I'm in trouble. In the last couple years I've heard a lot more about restaurant guides and wine tastings and a lot less about Guatemalan women's co-ops. Check out the little pie chart in the "slow food companion" they sent out a couple weeks ago. The Foundation for Biodiversity (the part of SF that deserves donations) gets something like 10% of the money. Not saying it's a scam, I'd just rather my charitable donations went to... charity.

[And my convivium is annoying.]

Wed Sep 21, 05:10:00 PM GMT  
Blogger la depressionada said...

i'm going to comment every day until you reach critical mass. today's comment: that word verification thing is very annoying.

Thu Sep 22, 12:45:00 AM GMT  
Blogger mmw said...

La D. I fucking owe you. On the other hand, maybe if I wrote something interesting...

I hate the word verification too, but I don't know how else to keep out the spam. I'm certainly not going to edit it out every day.

Thu Sep 22, 05:18:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, use Haloscan, I've used it for almost 3 years and have recieved very little spam. And my blog CRUSHES your blog in terms of traffic. Admit it. I rule.

Also, I would comment more, but aside from the far too few metal references, I usually have no idea what you're talking about.


Thu Sep 22, 03:20:00 PM GMT  

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