Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Chron to rest of the world: Nor*Cal is better than you. The whole section is devoted to the topic, more or less forgettably. Cf. interesting and annoyingly written article on Edible Schoolyard in Eugene, or lack thereof.

The Chron did lead indirectly, to the "Jumberlie" recipie in What Mrs. Fisher Knows about Old Southern Cooking (1881), now completely digitized at Michigan State's awesome Historic American Cookbook Project. Even better: Lafcadio Hearn, La Cuisine Creole. Hearn's Jambalaya lacks tomatoes; either way, you should make some to celebrate

the nature of its birthplace -- New Orleans -- which is cosmopolitan in its nature, blending the characteristics of the American, French, Spanish, Italian, West Indian and Mexican.

Also see TFS, where SFA's Amy Evans is guest posting on the culinary uniqueness of New Orleans.

The muse will be excited about the LA Times's brazilian theme... but I might need a little more Astrud Gilberto and cachaça to get in the mood.

And don't miss Regina's beautiful Kanye West --> ratatouille segue. Wow.

Onion food critic tears Radish canapés with salmon mousse a new asshole [thx Lisa].

AutoCAD founder John Walker sees romanesco (the broccoli, not the sauce), loses his mind.

Your tax dollars at work [meatingplace]:

The Beef Checkoff program operated by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association is working with Domino's Pizza to introduce the "Steak Fanatic Pizza"... giving Domino's permission to use the tagline—"Steak. It's What's for Pizza." It will sell for $9.99, with customers invited to "heap it on" by doubling the steak topping for an additional $2.

"What appears to be putrefying body parts are the bread sculptures of 28-year-old art student Kittiwat Unarrom."


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