Friday, January 20, 2006

As the USDA turns

At least the USDA is serving its constituency, right? I mean, it is a travesty that said constituency is meatpackers and not consumers, but they do know what side the bread's buttered on?

Well, no:

Japan's Agriculture Ministry has announced it will reinstate a ban on all U.S. beef imports following the discovery of parts of a vertebral column in a product shipment from the United States to Narita International Airport, near Tokyo.

Good job, guys. Further details from AP, including:

The tissue Japan found, spinal column from veal, is allowed in the American food supply because it comes from animals younger than 30 months of age. However, the agreement with Japan bars spinal column and other bone tissue.

Yesterday, the accidental hedonist conveniently reviewed all three weeks of the USDA's annus horribilis.


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