Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hook 'em


I guess Vince Young's middle name is now Achilles.

Sorry. But anyone who doesn't hate the fucking Trojans isn't fully alive.

Bonus: By paying attention to college football for 12 hours, I learned the new best name ever: D'Brickashaw Ferguson.


Blogger alizinha said...

What if I just don't give a shit about the Trojans? What status does that confer to my existence?

Thu Jan 05, 09:00:00 PM GMT  
Blogger mmw said...


Thu Jan 05, 09:09:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Fesser said...

Word to the D'Brickashaw. The 'ix and I plan to use that as our decoy name if we ever spawn.

Thu Jan 05, 09:34:00 PM GMT  
Blogger alizinha said...

I just hope Mr. Ferguson has a shortened version of his Christian name for times when, uh, a lady might want to whisper sweet nothings in his ear. I mean, come on, 4 syllables AND an apostrophe are just too much for those moments.

"Brick" maybe? "Shaw"?

Thu Jan 05, 10:50:00 PM GMT  
Blogger sac said...

Dude, I stole your rotating description code. I thought you should know.

Thu Jan 05, 11:38:00 PM GMT  
Blogger mmw said...

For what? You don't even have a blopg anymore.

(It's ok. I stole it from atrios or something 3 years ago).

Thu Jan 05, 11:54:00 PM GMT  
Blogger me said...

What's rotating description code?

I am in Chapel Hill, NC. There are a lot of trees.

Fri Jan 06, 03:57:00 AM GMT  
Blogger cookiecrumb said...

My hubster is now calling me D'Brickashaw. He seems to have forgotten my name is LaShawandala O'Shea.
OK, not it's not. It's dippy ol' cookiecrumb. Darn.
(But he is still calling me... uh... yeah.)

Fri Jan 06, 04:54:00 AM GMT  
Blogger mmw said...

DA BRICK for short, obvs.

rotating description code:

var core = 0
var currentdate = 0

function StringArray (n) {
this.length = n;
for (var i =1; i <= n; i++) {
this[i] = ' '

Fri Jan 06, 07:49:00 PM GMT  

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