Friday, March 10, 2006

Actually, it is you

My attention, obviously, has been wandering, primarily to my garden. You can follow along if you're interested, though I doubt the demographics will overlap much. [Nascent, collaborative] garden blogs = web 3.0.

But I am not entirely abandoning badthings. That would be too Sac-like, and besides, there remain many things that piss me off.

A couple things:

Since it has been the most emailed story all week, let's clarify a little bit about Trader Joe's for you provincials in the 10011. I have never met any members of the "full-scale TJ's cult," but I would like to, if only to punch them in the face. The food is unexciting. The thing that TJ's is good for is cheap booze, but as I recall they don't carry it at the Boston stores, so who can say what will happen in NY, with its own charmingly antiquated blue laws? Also good for $4 wines that are -- just barely -- drinkable. No one in NY is going out of business, except maybe "health" "food" stores, if any such abominations remain. Get over it.

Also: harissa. Just make a shitload and keep it in the fridge. It appears to be good on everything. [That recipe is from Wolfert, and specifies notably un-spicy Mexican chiles. I've been making it with cayenne, but I'm looking into the local varieties].

Uh, was there something else?


Blogger alizinha said...

There will be booze next door to the main TJs store, to align with the old-fashioned liquor laws we've got here.

Thanks for the warning not to believe the hype--I was totally falling for it, sucker that I am.

Fri Mar 10, 10:12:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

halva is cool. I used to love the (odd-tasting middle-eastern) chocolate-covered bar version in every Korean deli in NY.

Fri Mar 10, 10:25:00 PM GMT  
Blogger mmw said...

Aside from the fact that it has nothing to do with this post, I cannot concur that halva has any redeeming value.

A., the food's not horrible, as far as that "speed scratch" bullshit goes. But what's the point of that in NYC? Their coffee is acceptable, and well-priced for fair trade.

You will probably find that the occasional trip to TJ's is a useful supplement to the current drag of shopping in NY.

Fri Mar 10, 10:46:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been my experience that one can never be too Sac like.


Mon Mar 13, 03:25:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Dave said...

"I doubt the demographics will overlap much." What does that mean? You think your readers spend more time glued to a computer screen than gardening?


Write when you come near Maryland and we'll take you around our garden; seasonally speaking, we'll have you over to "eat from the garden," which is a phrase our kids use all summer.

Please help us all encourage this food thing. The Quiznos thing is indeed outrageous...we need positive thoughts to overcome it.

Fri Apr 21, 04:48:00 PM GMT  

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