Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Shit from an old notebook*

In case you were wondering where one of my clever and obscure subtitles comes from:

Even or especially in death, Gloria Emerson refused to make it easy for The New York Times. Emerson, who wrote for The Times from the wreckage of Southeast Asia at the tail end of the Vietnam War, died (reportedly at her own hand) last week -- but not before leaving a series of notes and her own obituary, written in the third person....

[New Yorker correspondant Frances] FitzGerald told of one story in particular: Emerson discovered that the North Vietnamese sent poets and artists down the Ho Chi Minh trail to encourage the soldiers. One poet described the North Vietnamese growing lettuce on the trail.

"One line of the poem was, 'Even our greenness threatens you,'" Ms. FitzGerald said. "The headline read: 'Foes said to grow vegetables on trail.'"

--Tom Scocca, Off the Record, Observer 8/16/04

Green was muddied to brown in honor of my then-new template. The rest of the subtitles are explained here.

* Yes, this post is totally pointless, except insofar as it simultaneously refers to Dana's Minuteman obsession and Sac's inability to write anything new. Get it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You confuse "inability" with "unwillingness." I am not willing to write anything new until I exhuast all the Never Before Published gems languishing in my files. The world needs to read them.


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