Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Valediction

The good news is that even the Times must now realize that rosé is passé; they will finally stop running articles about it; and the MyShapes kids will revert to Red Bull and Jägërmëïstër, or whatever it is they normally drink.

The bad news is that this article about unspeakable douchebags drinking Cristal rosé was allowed to exist.

Actually, the other good news is that, as Method Man has taught us, Cristal rhymes with "get off my dick now."


On a more serious note: what the fuck? I go away for two weeks and cowboy Sally hangs up her spurs. Now, I don't really understand the idea behind officially "ending" a "blog" -- so much easier to alienate your reader with one or two desultory incoherencies a month -- but this totally sucks. Dana was one of the few bright spots in the dull sublunary internets. It is increasingly harder to contemplate actually reading the latter for pleasure.


Also: Saveur may not be dead, but Colman won't be around to watch whatever it is.


Blogger the patriarch said...

Who do I punch in the face for that NYT article? My rage must be satisfied.

Thu Aug 10, 03:13:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous kk said... I have a whole new reason for hating newspapers.

Are we quite sure that wasn't a joke?

Thu Aug 10, 06:17:00 PM GMT  

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