Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lasciare ogne sospetto

Had enough of the "Dante-quoting butcher" yet?


Blogger mmw said...

In the interest of fairness/ass-kissing, I should note that I found S. Irene's story significantly more appetizing than Buford's, which I also enjoyed. (I have not, needless to say, read the book).

Wed Sep 20, 10:32:00 PM GMT  
Blogger mmw said...

And furthermore, I have beheld Dario's Meat, and it is good.

Thu Sep 21, 08:08:00 PM GMT  
Blogger the patriarch said...

Are all those rules part of the New Cruelty?

Fri Sep 22, 05:14:00 PM GMT  
Blogger shuna fish lydon said...

thank you.

Mon Oct 09, 04:30:00 PM GMT  

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